Jan 10, 2006

I'm pissed!

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Just before Christmas I realized I had some expenses to build up so I wouldn't be nailed for a huge tax bill. The one thing I wanted more than anything was a 15" mac G4 powerbook. I weighed other options like the ibook but I'm gearing up to be a tv producer who should know editing and graphics as well so I went for the super power, the one with greatest connectivity and the one I knew would last.

Well it'll last I suppose, but less than 2 weeks after my major purchase ($2400 + warranty, RAM upgrade and taxes) at Carbon Computing I don't even have something top of the line anymore. I would've loved to have just some of the features now available on the just released macbook pro - front row, built-in isight and a dual processor, never mind it's 4x faster and cost $100 less!!!!! I'm pissed!

Maybe the new intel chips will suck or need tweaking for the first year or so. What crap. Apple never has christmas or boxing day sales and now they'll likley drop the price $800. Jerks!

I knew there would be new releases with the new chip but no one I talked to suspected it would be the laptops that they revamped. Well, rumours were out on my RSS feed from CNet yesterday and I was hoping it wasn't true. For those of you who haven't picked up your Apple laptop yet, congratulations! You have something to look forward to. Though I'll still be proud to tell you that I use a powerbook, if only because it sounds so much better than the new moniker: macbook pro.