Jun 30, 2005

Sushi, Sake and the Bullet Train

osaka neon
Originally uploaded by 416style.
My trip through Japan brought me to Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. While I didn't find the same charm - inherent in 18th century Japanese art - that had inspired and had led me there, I found beauty in other ways: Osaka's neon streets, the bullet train and the grace of Japanese customs.

I cut my first video you can see below, the first of a series of glimpses into Japanese culture. It begins with our departure on the bullet train and will take you by Mount Fuji, engage you in discussion about the usefulness of chopsticks and complete the journey at a restaurant in the Tokyo Fish market, where one learns the proper and not so proper ways to enjoy sushi.

Can you really pull off a two-biter? Keep it all together? Maintain your dignity with the host, dinner guests, and sushi chefs? Take a peek at "Sushi, Sake and the Bullet Train" to see how well we pull it off.


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